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From more than 40 years Interprecise is also producing parts and complete components in a big range of plastic material for all the industrial sectors. From separator rollers and guide rollers to Tension pulley and Nip rollers, Interprecise products are found in every aspect of the production of textile fibers. With their large experience in the production of bearings assemblies Interprecise is the right partner to produce diaper rollers, transport rollers, and more. RiMax Technology & Interprecise are working together to develop new solution for your necessity where a bearings solution is requested.



With high innovative features that save upfront and long term costs RPE is revolutionizing air jet use in Texturizing, Air covering, Winding, Interlace, Pre-interlace, and BCF interlace application. The RPE team includes talents with experience in air jet design and proven methods for getting higher performance with less air. State of art ceramic components permit the use with a very small maintenance. RPE is able to offer you customized solutions to allow you to have the better performance possible with your machines without the necessity to make big modification for their installation.



Expert at drawing your fibres to perfection !
RETECH high quality components, machines and on-line monitoring system in the production process of synthetic filaments.
Components :
Rolls, godets, heating elements, draw pins, plate heaters, separator rollers, temperature control system, temperature transmission system, are our main business from over 40 years of experience which leads us to the market leader.
On-line monitoring :
Win-OLT system to monitor the yarn tension, yarn tension sensors, package density monitoring system.
Machines :
Custom built machines, draw frames, special machines, on-line drying solutions, TEX2000 DTY laboratory machine.
- Engineered and produced in Switzerland –



With the competence of CERAMDIS , the knowledge of the product and material, we are able to submit you ideal solution for any kind of application, where the traditional material are not more sufficient to warrant the requested performance. The use of high tech ceramic material like CeSinit® electro conductive /or electro isolation can be a ideal solution for wear problem, Chemical resistance, reduction of weight, hardness and thermo and/or isolation.
We are also able to support you in the integration of this ceramic components in your application, offering complete assemblies with most suitable joining technologies using adhesive bonding, shrinking, and soldering .
Above-average thermal conductivity, ( ten times more than stainless steel ), food compatibility, lightweight design properties ( a quarter of the mass is required for to have the same stiffness as steel ) high thermal resistance and wet ability properties ( the liquid metal does not adhere ) , very good electro isolation and chemical resistance, make this ceramic material more and more used in any technological field.
CERAMDIS give you his knowledge to find solution at your requirement.


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